Can Professional Indemnity Insurance for Contractors and Public Liability Insurance Help You with securing a contract? Keep Your Contractor Work Safe

Working independently frees you from many of the regular obligations that come with holding down a job as an employee of a larger company, but it also leaves you without a certain degree of protection or support. For example, many larger companies cover the work their employees perform with comprehensive insurance policies, in case of an accident or if a client attempts to sue them for negligence. If you are working alone, without the support of a large enterprise behind you, you may be concerned about being wrongfully sued by a client and having your reputation and career ruined. Fear not, however: there is a solution. It’s possible to arrange professional indemnity insurance for contractors that can keep you protected in the event of such an occurrence. Workers Compensation Insurance is also provided if required.

When you work as a contractor, professional indemnity insurance will help you avoid having to pay out of pocket for damages awarded as the result of a civil suit against you. Professional insurance for contractors should, therefore, be considered an essential safeguard for contract workers of all kinds, especially those involved in IT systems development. When you’re looking for contractor’s professional insurance, it may be best to contact a company that provides comprehensive independent payroll services. Such businesses are well-accustomed to the process of acquiring this kind of protection on behalf of the individuals they serve and can cover you immediately when you start your contract, with minimal time and effort.

Criteria for Finding a Source for Public Liability Insurance or Professional Indemnity Insurance

Use the following criteria to help you choose a payroll service provider that will be able to meet your needs successfully:

Let AchieveCorp Help

One such company is AchieveCorp. Our business has more than 15 years of experience helping independent contractors from all over Australia make their financial and administrative responsibilities easier to manage. One of the many services we offer is the ability to procure public liability insurance and professional indemnity insurance for our contractors. Doing so keeps them and their business safe in circumstances where they are required to pay damages as the result of a civil suit.

You work hard and do the best you can on every job, so you don’t deserve to have your reputation spoiled by a claim. Find the peace of mind and security you need when you are covered for public liability or professional indemnity insurance with AchieveCorp. Contact us now and speak with a qualified team member who will be able to tell you more about everything we do.

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