Does Your Employment Agency Pay Monthly? Set up a Weekly Payment System with the Help of the Right Payroll Service Company

You just landed a new contract with a high-profile client. Once you get everything up and running, the contract will be your primary source of income. There’s just one problem: your Agency only pays monthly. You need a more consistent cash flow to handle your daily and weekly expenses, but you’re hesitant to rock the boat too much with your new client. What do you do to make the payroll system work for you?

Turning Monthly Payments into Weekly Payments

If you want to turn your monthly payments into weekly payments, but can’t convince your client to make the change for you, then the best answer is to link up with a payroll service company. At AchieveCorp, we provide a range of payroll services in the ACT, all of them geared towards contractors and consultants like you. One of the things we can do is set things up to tweak the regularity of your pay, even if your agency pays monthly.

For a small fee, AchieveCorp can pay you weekly. We don’t even require you to work a ‘grace period’ with your new contract before we start paying, because we already have an excellent relationship with your Agency. Instead, we can start paying you weekly as of your first week of the contract. From there, we can keep the weekly pay coming, giving you a steady cash flow to handle your regular living expenses.

We know what it’s like for contractors sometimes: you land a big job, but you won’t see a dollar for the work until well after the first month—if not at the end of the project pipeline. While the money from big contracts is often substantial, it only means so much if you must wait weeks or months to get your hands on it. What do you do in the meantime? Especially if you don’t have another more regular source of income?

If you can’t afford to wait a long time for your first pay, just give us a call at AchieveCorp. We’ll set things up so that we are essentially ‘advancing’ your pay. When your payment comes through from the client, we’ll consider our company reimbursed. The entire process is incredibly simple and may well be the best option, depending on your situation.

Consider Our Other Payroll Services

Setting up weekly payments for contractors is just one of the things AchieveCorp can do. We are a fully fledged payroll service company, which means we can take care of your invoicing, tax preparation, superannuation, salary packaging (for cars and other allowable items) and more. We take care of all your accounting and bookkeeping, leaving you the time to focus on what you do for a living.

Best of all, at AchieveCorp, we have a reputation for paying on time every time—even if your client doesn’t. If you need a payroll system that you can count on, look no further than our payroll services. Give us a call on 1800 882 059 to learn more.

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