Simplify Your Contracting Work with Payroll Management Services from AchieveCorp

There are many great things about being an independent contractor. You make your own hours. You avoid time-consuming commutes. You can take on an eclectic array of projects, giving yourself the kind of variety that staves off occupational burnout. However, there are downsides as well. One of those cons is payroll management. It takes a lot of time to invoice your clients and make sure you get paid for your various projects. Of course, this step is an essential part of the process, but you can imagine that many contractors have spent innumerable hours wishing for a payroll management company geared towards the self-employed. With AchieveCorp, you won’t have to set up your own company or ABN, or even hold your own insurances for workers compensation, professional indemnity and public liability – we’ll take care of all of that for you.

Introducing AchieveCorp: Your Payroll Management Company in the ACT

If you are an independent IT contractor and are shopping around for payroll management services in the ACT, look no further than AchieveCorp. With flexible, high-quality services, competitive rates, and second-to-none quality management, you can count on us to handle your invoicing, your packaging, your payroll, your tax return and everything that goes with it.

At AchieveCorp, we take your contracting or consulting income and make it feel like you’re a regular employee with full-time work. We handle your invoicing, bookkeeping and your tax preparation. Especially if you are just getting into the world of contracting, it can be incredibly daunting to manage your contract income. Remembering to invoice; figuring out how to maximise your benefits; handling your expenses with irregular income; navigating ATO reporting requirements; preparing BAS statements; paying for all the professional insurance you need; paying into your superannuation fund; complying with all the relevant taxation legislation. Learning how to handle and juggle all these things isn’t easy, and while you can surely manage the learning curve if you need to, it would be better if doing so weren’t essential.

When you engage AchieveCorp’s payroll management services, we help you with each of these steps and more. Do you want to set things up so that you are paid weekly? We can do that for you. Do you want to include a new car in your salary package? We can set that up for you, too. We’ll help you minimise your income tax, maximise your wealth creation and turn contracting into an excellent livelihood.

Our Pricing: What to Expect?

One of the questions we hear most frequently at AchieveCorp is something along the lines of ‘I’m shopping around for a payroll management company; what your lowest price is?’ If you are hiring a company to help you maximise your contract earnings, it stands to reason that you want to find the most affordable rates.

At AchieveCorp, our rates vary from about 1.25% to 3.75%, depending on your hourly rate and the specific services you select. We know that we do not always offer the lowest price available, compared to some other payroll management services. However, we also believe that we provide the very best services, delivered by the very best, professionally qualified team. You’ll find peace of mind knowing that we’re a reputable CPA Accounting Firm, and that we’ve been looking after IT Contractors since 2003. We offer our clients a considerable amount of flexibility, working with them to customise their salary packages according to their needs. We also make it easy for you to change your salary package if your circumstances change.

If you are shopping around for payroll management services in the ACT and want to know how you would benefit with AchieveCorp, feel free to get in touch. We will provide you with a customised quote, based on your needs. Call us on 1800 882 059 to get started.

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