How an IT Contractor Can Get Regular Pay and Track Expenses for Tax Records

You’ve just landed a new contract at an excellent hourly rate - more substantial than any you’ve nailed down before - and you’re excited to get started on a challenging and rewarding project that’s going to take your IT work to new heights. There’s only one issue: your client, or your Agency, stipulates once-monthly pay, and you’re not sure you can make ends meet with such an infrequent pay scheme. It’s a contractor’s worst payroll nightmare - having to turn down a tremendous contract thanks to an irregular compensation scheme.

Thankfully, there’s a way to take that dream contract and still get paid regularly. AchieveCorp is here to help. Among other services, we offer IT contractor payroll packages that not only provide payment on a more frequent, weekly basis, but also include essential features such as PAYG tax withholding, superannuation contributions, professional insurances and expenses tracking.

If you’re an IT contractor, who needs tax help, more frequent payment, and salary packaging, take a look at AchieveCorp’s Essentials Package and see how our dedicated team of qualified professionals can help.

Payment Accelerator is Perfect for IT Contractors

Salary packaging as provided by AchieveCorp takes the uncertainty out of contract work. Our Payment Accelerator option makes it possible to get paid as soon as you submit a new timesheet. No more waiting weeks or more for an invoice to be processed and paid. We also offer even more frequent payroll options with Payment Accelerator Plus, which can get payments to you on a weekly basis if needed. Plus, if you decide later to go back to monthly pay, we’re happy to switch up your package to fit new circumstances.

With our highly-qualified team, you don’t have to worry about making sure you’ve gotten everything right when it comes to tax reporting. We are a Certified Practicing Accountant business which means we can take care of all this, so you don’t have to. With our 24-hour online system, you can even check in on what’s happening with your salary package whenever you want to make sure we’re delivering the reputable, professional service you expect.

IT Contractors Also Get Expenses Reimbursed and More

There are some additional benefits to salary packaging with AchieveCorp as well. Having your income all in one place makes it easier to keep track of tax liability and reporting and to prove regular employment when applying for finance. Our Comprehensive Package even gives you the option of packaging in your car or motorbike lease payments and provides you with a corporate credit card that makes it easy to claim your professional expenses as you go. This added consistency takes a lot of uncertainty off your plate so you can focus on getting work done.

We’ll even pay out reimbursements for tax-deductible expenses as they come up. That way you don’t have to wait until the end of the financial year to recoup these essential business costs. Since the GST component of your professional expenses is claimed back by your employer, you only pay for the GST exclusive amount in your package. All these services are available for you for a fee based on your hourly rate. Contact AchieveCorp today and take the waiting out of contract work. You’ll be amazed at how much stability this one significant change can bring to your life as an IT contractor.

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